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  Hardcover - The Freedom to Love, more... $19.95
  e-Book - The Freedom to Love, new! more... $6.99
  Our Lady of Recovery Note Cards, new! more... $7.50
  Our Lady of Recovery Prayer Cards, new! more...
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  CD - The God of Love,new!more... $35.00
  CD - Ongoing Conversion,new!more... $35.00
  CD - Liturgical Asceticism,more... $35.00
  CD - Recovery and the Mystery of Faith,more... $35.00
  CD - Recovery and the Message of Fatima,more... $35.00
  CD - The Spirituality of the Twelve Steps, more... $65.00
  CD - Detaching with Love, more... $35.00
  CD - The Life of Prayer, more... $30.00
  CD - The Eleventh Step and the Spiritual Life, more $35.00
  CD - The Eucharist, a Mystery to be Lived, more... $35.00
  CD - The Power of the Holy Spirit and the Steps, more... $35.00
  CD - The Rule of our Warfare: Recovery Continues, more... $35.00
  CD - Self Knowledge and Self Discipline, more... $35.00
  CD - Growing in Self Knowledge, more... $35.00
  CD - Growing in Wisdom, more... $35.00
  DVD - EWTN: Eucharistic Principles, more... $25.00
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